Frisco TX Restaurants – Grab A Burger, Some Barbecue And Tex Mex Cuisine

Frisco TX Restaurants – Grab A Burger, Some Barbecue And Tex Mex Cuisine

If you are familiar with the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, then you probably know about the city of Frisco. Whether you do or not, this is your chance to get acquainted. What better way to do that than to get a good look at where you can enjoy a nice meal. I can help you with that by identifying three of the top restaurants in Frisco TX.

Hutchins BBQ is located on Preston Road, and let me tell you, the ribs and fried okra in the picture I saw look absolutely delicious. This establishment also serves up burnt ends, peach cobbler, pulled pork, broccoli salad and much more. The menu highlights actually show that many people have called this place barbecue heaven. That means that you can expect quite a good meal.

You know you want some Texas barbecue while in Frisco, and now it’s time to enjoy a good burger. Kenny’s Burger Joint is on Legacy Drive, and the place serves up patty melts for starters. There is also something on the menu called a steak bomb, which the reviewers rave about. You will certainly want to order up some loaded fries.

La Hacienda Ranch is on Preston Road just like Hutchins BBQ. La Hacienda Ranch is known for serving up some delicious Mexican food. Frozen margaritas make the menu highlights. I prefer mine on the rocks, but frozen is good, too. Get ready to enjoy fresh tortillas that are made in the restaurant and all kinds of great Tex Mex cuisine. You will be glad that you stopped by this establishment, and don’t forget your burger fix and barbecue fix at the other two popular places in Frisco TX to grab a bite to eat. If you ask me, those three picks are enough to keep you eating good while in the city of Frisco.

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