Found a Few Frisco Apartments to Look At

Found a Few Frisco Apartments to Look At

I was looking for an apartment to rent after me and my husband separated. I needed somewhere to stay and he wanted to stay in our home. I started searching around for Frisco apartments for rent. I wanted to make sure I could find one that was a reasonable price because there wasn’t much that I could afford. It had been so long since I had lived on my own and relied on my husband’s pay to pay our bills. I knew I was going to need to find something cheap and step my work up a notch to pay for it.

I asked a few of my friends if they had heard about any apartments for rent. Since I didn’t have Facebook they said they would check there for me. While waiting to hear from them, I decided to start looking in the newspaper to see what I could find. I found a couple apartments for rent in Frisco and called about them to see how much they would cost. One of the apartments was cheaper and right around the price I was looking for. I told the landlord I wanted to see it in person.

One of my friends told me about a few apartments they found on Facebook. After hearing the price, I told them I was looking for something a little cheaper. They said they would keep an eye on any apartment listings they find and let me know.

I went and looked at the apartment I set up an appointment to look at and I really liked it. It was small, but it didn’t really matter since it was just me living there. It was going to work for the time being and the best part was that the lease was a month to month deal. I gave the landlord the money needed for the deposit and the rent for the month. He gave me the keys and told me I could move in whenever I was ready.

I moved in within just a few days and got all settled in. I am happy to be living by myself even though I have had to work a little more. Our divorce papers are in the process of being completed and I don’t see us getting back together before they are done. I am glad I chose to move out.

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