Bison in Frisco: The Herd Heads to Texas

Fargo will soon become a ghost town as many Bison football fans travel to Frisco for the FCS Championship

FARGO, ND — We continue our coverage of the NDSU football team’s road to the National Championship game in Frisco, Texas.

Many of the “Bison Faithful” have already made their way down to Texas.

While there’s no green and gold inside Toyota Stadium quite yet, you won’t see that for a few more days.

But, if you go just about anywhere in the city of Frisco, you will see plenty of it.

Bison fans continuing to make the trip down to Frisco, Texas by all different forms of transportation, whether it be through the air or by land, we found fans who were making anywhere from their first trip to their sixth or even seventh.

It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve been here.

They’re all happy to see their fellow Bison fans.

“It is unbelievable,” said Brett Goehner, who is in Frisco for the first time. “I think it says a lot about North Dakota and the Bison as a whole. We wanna travel, come down and have fun. I think it says a lot about the way our players play as well.”

“Hours away and it feels like a home game,” said Adam Bell, who is in Frisco for the third time. “There are so many Bison fans here. It is just a lot of fun with all the people. You go to the bars and it’s full of Bison fans. You go to the game, tailgating, it’s all Bison fans everywhere.”


Fargo will soon become a ghost town as many Bison football fans travel to Frisco for the FCS Championship.

Another charter flight full of fans took off this morning from Hector International Airport in Fargo.

Many fans said it was their first time going to the championship game in Frisco, while others mentioned they have gone in years past.

One fan said there is nothing quite like being a Bison fan.

“It’s something to lift up your spirits and make you feel good about things you know,” said Bison fan Ed Stalheim. “If things aren’t going too well or something, you go to a game and you win. You feel good about everything.”

Fans say they are expecting a good game, but believe the Bison will take the national title.


Three fan buses are being loaded up at the North Dakota Horse Park in north Fargo right now to bring them to Frisco, Texas.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen talked with Bison fan, Gary Nysveen, from Hillsboro, on his sixth trip to see his favorite team.

On KVRR Local News at 9, hear more from fans and how they’re getting to Frisco.

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